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what to expect

"Catie's coaching was exactly what we needed to transition into married life confidently! Her intuition, attentive listening, and bold question asking allowed us to go deep into topics about marriage and family. Catie gave us several practical tools and exercises that we continue to use to strengthen our relationship and maintain an intimate connection with each other. Most importantly, Catie’s counseling is rooted in prayer. We knew that every week Catie was praying for us and seeking the Lord’s wisdom for our relationship. We could not have asked for a better premarital counseling experience."

– Danielle and Bryce

"Catie coached us through a marriage tune-up! We have been married for several years and kept hitting the same obstacles. Miscommunications were causing us to have a lack of trust and intimacy in our marriage. Catie was able to help us identify why we were facing the same obstacle and gave us tools to communicate a lot better. Since then we have continued to build trust and intimacy in our marriage. We didn't want marriage counseling because we didn't think our marriage was that bad. We knew we needed an objective experienced coach to help us overcome our obstacles."

– Jackie and Sam

"Catie has been nothing short of remarkable for us. We began our journey with Catie during our engagement, and we can honestly say that she helped us evaluate our relationship on both a personal and spiritual level that ultimately strengthened our bond and love for each other. Natalie and I have been truly blessed to have met Catie. She has such a warm and inviting personality that makes each session something we looked forward to. If you are seeking to improve, to evaluate, or to just generally work on having a stronger relationship, we would most certainly recommend Catie to help in that process.”

– Jake and Natalie

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how we help

Foundation Building

For premarital, newly married, or seasoned relationships that recognize the need to build healthy, constructive, and enriching habits and frameworks into their relationship to ensure a lasting and fulfilling marriage.

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Develop & Deepen

For healthy couples who desire to keep their relationship healthy and take it to a deeper, more intimate place together. This “tune-up” process keeps communication thriving and helps identify potential potholes to avoid in the future.

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Repair & Restore

For couples who find significant roadblocks to their unity, peace, and joy in their relationship. Whether it be issues of vision, communication, fidelity, or spirituality, this process helps to repair the bridge that separates fractured relationships.

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Why see a

relationship coach?

to have a partner

A coach will listen, equip and encourage you to have the best relationship possible by helping you build a toolbox of coping skills in stressful situations.

to have a mediator

A coach is an objective third party to support and equip you in changing the frustrating, hurtful, bewildering, repeating patterns in the relationship which are causing damage.

to gain clarity

The coaching process provides opportunity to gain clarity. You will leave the process with a greater understading of yourself and your partner, as well as what you each bring to the relationship spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

to experience growth

As you identify what your strengths and growth areas are in the relationship, we will work on strategies to strengthen the growth areas and activate your strengths.


frequently asked questions.

How is relationship coaching different to counseling?

Relationship coaching is solution-focused and skill-based. The sessions involve equipping couples with tools to have a healthy relationship by the identifying the strength and growth areas of each couple. This means our clients have specific goals in mind that they would like to accomplish. Each coaching meeting is then strategized to provide education, opportunities to master required skills, guidance, and social accountability. 

Therapy or counseling differs from coaching in that its focus is to provided clients services to help them work through mental health challenges that are impairing their ability to function in various aspects of their life. For example, therapy is recommended for clients who experience anxiety or depressive symptoms that make it difficult for them to meet work demands, maintain healthy relationships, and engage in activities they used to enjoy, which are conditions relationship coaching is not designed to address.

Where are the sessions held?

Sessions are available online and in person.

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes! I believe that consultations are necessary because couples and coaches need to determine whether or not the coaching relationship would be a good fit. One of the best investments you will ever make is in your relationship so it is crucial to feel comfortable and confident in your coach.

Do I get a refund if we do not complete the sessions?

No refunds will be given. A couple can put a “pause” on the sessions for the purpose of  completing at a time that is more suitable for them. If cancellations are due to the Coach’s inability to complete the sessions than a refund will be issued.