about the coach

I’m Catie Loeffler. I am passionate about helping people have healthy relationships because generations of my family chose divorce and I know the devastation it causes. I believe in setting a strong foundation prior to marriage and seeking out a “coach” for tools to deepen and develop a relationship further. I also believe that most marriages that have experienced significant damage can be repaired if both parties are willing.

It was my past experience as a Care and Counseling pastor that propelled my passion for helping couples to flourish. All too often couples came in for help because they felt hopeless. It was so inspiring to see them develop understanding of themselves as individuals and as a couple while using tools to deepen their relationship.

What makes me great at what I do is that I glean wisdom from the Bible and have had years of training and hands on experience helping people to develop tools for healthy relationships no matter what stage their relationship is in. I have attended Lynchburg College, Regent University, and Mount San Jacinto college, majoring in Psychology. I am also a certified facilitator for Prepare and Enrich and Symbis Premarital programs. I am also certified as a Crisis and Trauma coach by Dr. H. Norman Wright. In addition, I have received training in Emotional Intelligence, Myers Briggs, The Gottman Institute Art and Science of Love. I am an avid reader and learner and I believe in staying current on the latest advances in culture, science, and technology.

My own experience with relationships has been a great source of wisdom gained through trial and error. I entered into early relationships without any tools for most of my young adult life. To say I was a disaster in relationships is an understatement. Now as a mature woman (in age and experience), I have a very healthy marriage and consider it my calling to help couples realize the incredible gift that marriage is and how to treat it as such while being imperfect human beings.

Most of my “white space” time is spent in the outdoors. I love hiking, kayaking in the ocean and watching wildlife.


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Our Vision

We believe that vibrant, healthy, and loving couple relationships, based upon the foundation of God’s design are the bedrock for a healthy community. This can only be achieved through the intentional pursuit of unity, vulnerable communication, and effective conflict resolution creating a potential for a unified world for every generation.

Our Mission

We provide relevant, customized coaching sessions that equip couples with practical tools and exercises to increase their understanding of themselves as both individuals and as a couple.

Our Values


We recognize that trust is one of two essential ingredients in every relationship, without which healthy and vitality is not possible. We prioritize confidentiality and safety for all sessions so that what is expressed is held in the strictest confidence.


We recognize the other essential ingredient in a healthy relationship is the mutual agreement to persevere through conflict, difficulty, and misaligned expectations. We are committed to passionately pursuing the health of each client couple and to persist until their relationship reflects God’s joyful design.


We believe that true growth and healing only happens when we are honest with ourselves and others. Our coaches actively listen and ask insightful questions in order to foster communication and maximize opportunity for growth, healing, and transparency.


We believe true wisdom can only come as a result of knowledge combined with understanding, and this can only come with exposure to new information and a commitment to understanding our own biases. We are committed to continually educating ourselves as coaches to ensure we build the best tools to help couples create relationships that thrive.