We love Coach Catie! She offers faith-based Christian coaching that is personalized and customized for each couple. Whether you knew Catie prior to coaching or not, she hits the nail on the head with helpful, practical next steps with care and sensitivity keeping our goals in mind and helping us define/fine-tune them! We have referred several clients to her.

Larry and Anne

how we help

Foundation Building

For premarital, newly married, or blended family relationships that recognize the need to build healthy, constructive, and enriching habits and frameworks into their relationship to ensure a lasting and fulfilling marriage.

Foundation Building is a premarital six – 8 week coaching program designed to help couples understand their strength and growth areas. Topics covered include communication, conflict resolution/forgiveness, spiritual beliefs, marriage expectations, sexual expectations, shared interests, family backgrounds and their impact on how we view relationships, and financial planning.

Develop & Deepen

For healthy couples who desire to keep their relationship healthy and take it to a deeper, more intimate place together. This “tune-up” process keeps communication thriving and helps identify potential potholes to avoid in the future.

Whether dating or married all relationships will hit road bumps. Couples who choose the Develop and Deepen program are interested in educating themselves on how to remove the road bumps and mitigate potential relationship disaster.

Repair & Restore

For couples who have been experiencing significant challenges that are causing hurt, anger, mistrust, arguing, etc. choose this program because they realize the relationship is in need of tools and a third party to help navigate the repairing and restoration of the relationship. 

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